Debt prevention among tenants

Corporations have every interest in preventing financial problems among tenants. The costs of payment arrears or even house evictions can be very high. What can you do to prevent problems and to signal early?



debt problem

Prevention naturally begins with the allocation of an affordable home to a household. You can develop a process yourself for this. Rental income calculations from Winud can support you in this. These answer the question: what is a ‘responsible’ rent for a certain income? Or: what is a ‘responsible’ income for a particular rent? This also gives you insight into the most vulnerable target groups.

A corporation can assist a tenant in the choice by, for example, working with a rental tool on their site. With the rental tool of Winud, tenants can determine which housing costs are affordable for them based on their income and household composition. Making a budget can help, which often works as an eye-opener.

With your (new) tenants you can hold a rental advice interview to inform them about the affordability of the rent in relation to other expenses within the household. You can help them with extra information and request income support. For example by informing them about dealing with money .


Early signaling

debt problem

Identifying financial problems at an early stage can prevent a lot of misery. Both for you and for the tenant. rent is one of the last bills that people no longer pay if they are cramped. This is usually a sign that the tenant has several starting debts.

Signals of financial problems among tenants:

  • do not pay the rent or pay too late
  • pay only part of the rent
  • do not respond to a reminder

The signal function of your employees is one of the most important ways to ensure that debts are noticed early. In order to teach your employees knowledge and skills in this area, Winud offers the training Losses for rent .

If you have a tenant with payment arrears, take action quickly and start the conversation. Discuss a real payment proposal together. You can also offer assistance in applying for income support or getting the starting debts in order.


To behavioral change


The more knowledge about financial behavior, the better we can guide people with financial problems to behavior that helps them to get and keep their situation in order. For example, the behavior of tenants with debts deviates from tenants without debts because they suffer from, among other things, scarcity. Winud has this knowledge and can help you in the right way for your tenants.